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Weekly Homework

Set Friday 20th May

Family challenge homework!

Can you think of fruit or vegetables that start with every letter of the alphabet.

Children write the list. Indicate when the internet was used!



Set Friday 13th May


Year 1s Verb worksheet

Year 2s Adverb worksheet


Set Friday 6th May

3 level maths sheets  

1  adding by drawing tens and ones and number lines

2  adding drawing number lines

3 word problems


Set Friday 29th April

Science- write a list of plants you see around you. You can take a photograph too if you would like.


Set Friday 25th March

Maths- differentiated adding and taking away sheets


Set Friday 18th March

English- Write a character description.


Set Friday 11th March

Science-thinking about materials and their suitability, What if............

Complete worksheet thinking about if objects were made from unsuitable materials.


Set Friday 4th March

Maths-Create a symmetrical pattern

Set Friday 11th November


Reading comprehensions

Set Friday 4th February


Differentiated division worksheets colour by number

Set Friday 28th January


Draw and label objects at home made form more than one material.


Set Friday 21st January

Writing sentences using the possessive apostrophe.

Set Friday 14th January

Differentiated addition sheets

Set Friday 5th November

Year Ones write a list of nouns

Year Twos list nouns and proper nouns and write sentences using some of the nouns


Set Friday 12th November

Differentiated additions using a range of methods. 


Set Friday 19th November

Science - draw a food chain in a habitat of your choice. Year Ones draw 1 and Year Twos draw 2


Set Friday 26th November

Write 6 adjectives to describe the tiger.

Year Ones write 1 or 2 sentences about the tiger using your adjectives.

Year Twos write 4 sentences using your adjectives