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Term 4 2022-23

We mixed primary colours using cardboard instead of paintbrushes!

We had a great time with our visiting cricket coach. It was cold but we battled on!

We had some great outfits for World Book Day!

We finished our British Values week by making Tolerance posters.

This week we are looking at British Values in school. Our class is focusing on Tolerance which means we must show value and respect for all people. We must respect all religions and people from different countries. Life is interesting because we are all different. If we were all exactly the same life would be very boring! To show this we did pictures but only used the colour red. We need more colours in our crayon box to make life more interesting!

Then we made the crayons tolerant and made colourful pictures with all the colours getting on together. This is how we need to be in life, tolerant with each other and getting on!