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Term 4

This is always a very popular topic with the children - 'People Who Help Us'. We are delighted to have welcomed so many visitors to Parrot Class this term. Our first visit was from Doctor Oldridge who showed us some of her medical equipment and gave us some advice about how to stay healthy, including regular handwashing, a great way to fight germs! We had lots of fun listening to Beatrice's heart, breathing in the peak flow meter to measure our lung capacity and enjoyed using the blood pressure machine. Doctor Oldridge left us lots of medical supplies that we were able to put in our role play area to use - thank you Doctor Oldridge!

Our next set of visitors was the Firefighters from Faringdon. They showed us all the safety gear that they have to put on to keep them safe before they go to help other people. They brought the fire engine with them, it has so many different compartments on it where they keep all the special equipment, including a kettle for tea! We all got to sit in the fire engine and pretend we were firefighters by the end of their visit we had all decided we would like to become firefighters. Before they drove away they put on the flashing lights and siren, it was very loud!

Sophie the Vet was our next visitor. She showed us lots of x-rays and we had to guess what they were - that was a great game we enjoyed that very much. We then pretended that one of our dogs had swallowed a toy and we had to perform an operation to remove the toy. Sophie told us step by step on what she has to do to perform the operation, it was very interesting. She also has to wear special clothes to perform the operation so that no germs can get in, she had a volunteer from the class to put all the special clothes on. Can you see who it is under the mask?


Sophie also gave us some special tips about how to behave if a dog comes up to you and you are scared: Stand tall like a tree and look at the ground - then you won't be very interesting to the dog. If the dog does knock you over, you should roll up into a little ball and stay there till an adult comes to help you or the dog goes away. 

In amongst having all those visitors in class, it was also 'World Book Day'. We celebrated by all dressing up as a book character and bringing in our books. We loved listening to all those stories. As a school we each read the book 'Never show a T-Rex a book' we thought the book was great and very funny. We all made our own dinosaurs and thought about what they might turn into if they started reading: Doctors, Builders, Hairdressers, Teachers and Police were a few of the children's suggestions.

We made hanging salt dough picture frames for Mothering Sunday. It was a very messy task - flour, water, salt, paint, glitter and glue! It was all worth it though, they looked fantastic when they were finished.

We had a visit from the Police. The police officer told us how they help people. The children thought that all the police did was ‘lock up bad guys and put them in jail’. However, the police officer told us that there weren’t that many bad guys - which is good news. So with the help of the PC Ben story she told us all about the police and how they help people. She has also brought in lots of photos of things the police use to help them in their job: dogs, horses, motorbikes, helicopters, bicycles, cars, trucks, vans and even drones! We all learnt so much.

As well as all the normal things that we do at school we also managed to squeeze in making Easter cards and crafts, and a Church Service where we sang beautifully 'Spring Chicken' (with actions). What an extremely busy term we had!

 Happy Easter smiley