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Term 4

We continued with our topic of 'Superheroes' but this term we thought about who we thought was a real-life superhero. We researched James Braidwood who started the London Fire Service, Robert Peel who introduced 'Bobbies or Peelers' as the (police force) were first known as and more recently Anuerin Bevan and his work in introducing the National Health Service. The children were amazed at the pictures of the first 'Fire Engines' - horse drawn carts. They thought that Bobbies and Peelers sounded very funny and were astounded that you couldn't go to hospital unless you could pay before the NHS was introduced.

As well as all the normal things that we do at school we also managed to squeeze in making Mothers Day cards and presents, Easter cards and crafts, and a Church Service where we sang beautifully 'Spring Chicken' (with actions). What an extremely busy term we had!

 Happy Easter smiley