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Term 4

This term may have been shorter than expected, but we still managed to have a busy and fun time. This term our topic was 'People who help us'. We were fortunate to have some lovely visitors into class to tell us all about the different ways in which they help people. First we thought about all the people who help us at home and at school. They we looked at people in the wider community and thought about how they help us.


We had some very special visitors from our local fire station. The Faringdon firefighters came into class to talk to the children about fire safety. We learnt how important it is not to play with matches and lighters. How we should all regularly check our smoke alarms to make sure they are working, and if there is a house fire we should get out, stay out and dial 999. Also if a piece of our clothing catches fire, how we should stop, drop, cover and roll. All very important messages that I know the children have relayed back to their parents.

We learnt all about the different types of kit firefighters wear and what types of equipment they use, including thermal imaging cameras, gas marks, special cutters and of course the ladders and hoses!  As you can see the children had lots of fun with the firefighters.


Our next visitor into class was Doctor Hulse she told us all about the different ways that doctors help us when we are poorly, and also some top tips on how to keep healthy, We learnt that doctors work in all sorts of different places, including space! Doctor Hulse brought in lots of stethoscopes for us to use. We listened to our tummies they were very noisy!
We have been making lots of cards this term to say thank you to our visitors, as well as Mothers Day cards and presents. We enjoyed making stained glass windows and sweets for our Mothers Day presents and of course we needed to do a taste test to make sure they tasted nice!
A special thank you to all our visitors this term, that managed to get into school before we closed. Thank you for your time and patience answering the children's endless questions. They really enjoyed meeting you. Thank you also to those people that had agreed to come into school to talk to the children, even though they didn't get to meet you, it was kind of you to offer your time. We really appreciate it, it helps put the children's learning into a real life context.
Although our term ended prematurely we still managed to do our Easter Service on-line, on the last day of term. Many families and teachers were able to join in, it was lovely to see us all together again (albeit on screens) after two weeks of home schooling. Wishing you all a Happy Easter and looking forward to seeing you all soon. Stay safe x.