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Term 6

This term we continued with our topic 'Changes are Happening Everywhere!' We focused on life cycles of plants and insects and in particular Butterflies and Sunflowers. However, we also discussed the changing seasons and even how much we have changed throughout the year. What we can do now, that we couldn't before as well as physical changes of growing taller and losing teeth!

The highlight for many children this term was looking at the 'Life cycle of a Butterfly' we were fortunate enough to have some live caterpillars that we fed and watched grow bigger and bigger, they were certainly 'very hungry caterpillars' but unlike the book we didn't feed them pickles and chocolate cake! Once they were big and fat, we watched them turn into chrysalis'. They were in this chrysalis state for what seemed ages! After a lot of patient waiting they finally emerged to the amazement and wonder of the children. We observed them in our butterfly garden for a couple of days before releasing them. You would be amazed at how many times they have been spotted since by the children all over the county!!

We decided to plant some sunflowers seeds this term. (We actually planted most of them in the last week of term 5). We first investigated what plants need to grow, we discovered that plants need water and the sun (light) to grow. Everybody had their own pot and put some compost in the pot and made 4 holes and then placed a seed in each hole. We then covered the seeds with soil and watered them. 

When we came back to school after a week's holiday, we were amazed not only had the sunflowers started to grow, they were also quite tall already. We had some spare sunflowers that we had planted so we carefully dug one up to look at the roots and the shoot more carefully. We learnt that the roots not only are used to take water and the goodness from the soil into the plant, but also they are used like an anchor to stop the plant from blowing away.

We kept watering our sunflowers and checking that they were ok. As although plants do like water, they don't like too much! Soon our sunflowers had grown so big that we needed to take them home and plant them in the ground. We are looking forward to seeing pictures of the sunflowers after the summer holidays to see how big they grew.

This term we were also able to use our new 'Talk Den' - thank you to all our helpers that helped me move it into the outdoor area, it was very heavy! We are using our Talk Den to promote speech and language. The children are allowed to go in the Talk Den to either look at books, unusual photos and objects which are all used to promote discussion. I have heard some very interesting conversations coming from there and I am very pleased that it is being put to good use.


We have also done lots of maths investigations this term. The children have been exploring numbers and different ways of making a given number, we have also looked at halving, sharing and doubling. The children love this 'hands on' approach to learning and again I am very pleased with how much progress the children have made and the fun they have had doing it!

I can't quite believe that another school year is over and what a year it has been. As always it has been a pleasure to get to know you all and teach you. I will miss you all very much next year, but I look forward to hearing about all your new adventures as Year 1's. Have a great summer holiday.

Love Mrs Kent x