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Building Bridges


This term, Jaguar Class have become engineers! We learnt about famous bridge builders from the past and how they influenced modern engineering techniques. We also looked at different structures and bridge types. We all worked in groups to create prototypes and tested their strength and durability. We learnt about how compression forces are spread across the bridges with arches and different truss types. From this, we all designed and created our bridges, working in teams before evaluating the process.  We used art straws, string and masking tape to create our masterpieces and they look fantastic! 

Plant Dissection

As part of our 'Living Things and Their Habitats' unit in Science, we have been learning about different parts of plants. We dissected the plants and found the male and female parts. After dissecting them, we placed them under our electronic microscope!

Diwali 2022

In October, the whole school celebrated Diwali. Jaguar Class learnt about the meaning of the celebration and history behind it. We painted our own Rangoli patterns, created lanterns and performed shadow puppet shows of the story of Rama and Sita.



Call of the Wild

In June, Jaguar Class' Year 5s joined Toucan Class on a week long residential trip to Call of the Wild in The Breacon Beacons. We had a fantastic time gorge walking, rock climbing, waterfall jumping and hiking.

We had an amazing time!

Space Writing

We have been learning about the wonders of Space in science this term! We have been looking through the Hubble telescope and Nasa's live streams. We found lots of amazing images of nebulas, supernovas and red giants. We combined this topic with our descriptive writing topic in English and created these space-tastic A3 final pieces! 

Explanation Texts

In English, we have been learning about explanation texts. We combined this writing unit with 'The Water Cycle' we have been learning about in Science. We had a wonderful time creating these A3 pieces using our English, Science and Art skills!

The Water Cycle