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Home Learning Ideas for Little Parrots

Orchard Toys have produced some great activities for you to do. Some are aimed a little higher than what your child maybe able to do. However, they can easily be adapted for instance on a phonics activity they ask the child to write the letter that the object begins with, instead you could just ask them if they can hear the sound that it begins with and tell you. The activities cover a range of subjects. Enjoy!


Phonics Play have opened up their site to all for free. Phonics play is a site where children can play phonic games online, so not only good for their phonics but great for their ICT skills as well.

Username: jan21

Password: home

Twinkl is a widely used teaching resource site. Lots of their resources you can use for free. You can set up your own account and access home learning resources for Nursery aged children.

Please feel free to either use some of these ideas for activities for Little Parrots or please feel free to do some of your own. The most important thing is that the children are safe and happy. I will put other little gems of activities that I find here on the website for Little Parrots. Big Parrot lessons are all on Google Classroom.

Stay safe.


Mrs Kent x

Can you read these simple sentences? Can you make up a simple sentence of your own?

Today's letter sound is j. Go to the following site to hear the correct pronunciation of this sound. Can you think of any other words beginning with this sound?

The letter sound today is v. See if you can do these activities keep saying the letter sound as you identify v, so you remember the letter sound.
Simple ways of keeping time - which things do you do in the day time? Which things do you do at night time? See if you can sort the cards into day and night. Do you do any of the activities both day and night?

PE activity:

Some simple ways to keep fit and warm. How many of these fitness activities can you do? 

Art & Craft activity:

Can you design the clothes for the snowman? Colour the clothes of your choice, then cut and stick them onto the snowman.