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Term 2

Our topic this term was ‘Celebrations’ and the term started with a bang (not literally of course) but with firework splatter painting. Which was enormous fun for the children, but a little bit stressful for the teachers with paint literally being flung, flicked and split onto black paper. I think you will agree that the finished piece of artwork looks wonderful!

We also included a little bit of history as we learnt why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We also thought about some of the sounds that we hear on Bonfire Night and included those in our display. Of course the children had many stories to share about some of the firework displays they had seen.

We all took part in the Remembrance Service at school, where we remember those members of the armed forces who have died in wars. The children all made their own poppies to lay at our service. Some of our military families came along to our service, making it extra special.

Diwali was the next celebration in class . This is a festival celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs but can be celebrated by other religions too. It is sometimes called the ‘festival of lights’. We read the story of Rama and Sita; how the villagers helped them find their way home by lighting lamps along the way to guide their route. We tried to recreate this journey albeit a bit shorter (through the school hall to the classroom). The children made their own diva lamps. 

The 1st of December soon arrived and the classroom soon resembled 'Santa's Workshop' the children all turned into elves and began creating lots of decorations to decorate the classroom and of course to eventually bring home! The Christmas dinner was as always  a great success and there were lots of clean plates and full tummies at the end of it. The Christmas Performance plays a big part of these last couple of weeks of school and it is delightful to see the children grow in confidence as they take on their various parts.

We all these wonderful extra celebrations, you may wonder if we did anything else! I can assure you that these snippets of the term are our highlights but we still continued with the curriculum and the children continue to amaze me with the progress they are making. Well done to Parrot Class for all their hard work this term. 

That just leaves me to wish you all ‘A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!’