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Term 2

This term we continued with our topic 'Marvellous Me' with a focus on science based learning. We discovered that how we look on the inside, is very different to how we look on the outside. We learnt how our skeleton keeps us upright and how if we didn't have a skeleton we would be like a pile of jelly on the floor. Obviously the children found this very amusing and we all had to pretend to be a pile of jelly! We also learnt how some of our bones protect very important parts of our body such as our heart and brain and how our muscles help us move.

We then discussed our 5 senses and what we use them for and what it might be like if we didn't have one of them. We did some investigations to see how well our other senses might work if we took away our sense of sight. This involved lots of blindfolded activities such as trying to guess the scent of familiar foods such as oranges, curry powder, mint and bubble bath. We tried to identify animals by just listening to the sound that they make. We tried to identify objects just by using our sense of touch and our final investigation involved guessing the flavour of the sweet. When you can't see the colour of the wrapper it isn't always obvious what flavour you are eating. We realised that we rely on our sense of sight for all these activities normally.

Of course at the start of this term, it was Bonfire Night. We asked the question why do we have Bonfire Night, we had a few suggestions but nobody really knew. So using the internet we found out all about Guy Fawkes and how he had tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Which then created another question - what is parliament? So obviously after a lengthy political discussion, we decided to have some light relief and create a whole class firework painting. Splatter painting creates a fantastic explosion of colour just as fireworks do it is so much fun, but very messy!

We had great fun in school, the day that we had snow to play with. We thought our playground looked very pretty.

Obviously from the 1st December in school it is officially Christmas. We start by decorating the classroom with both bought and made decorations and throughout the month we add to the decorations as we make them. So by the end of term it looks like Santa's Grotto and seems to be overtaken by Christmas elves!

We all took part in the ‘Elf Run to the North Pole’ we ran, skipped, side stepped, walked forwards (and backwards) to clock up those miles. It was exhausting but lots of fun; just like our Christmas party!

We were so pleased that we were able to perform our nativity this year ‘It’s Christmas!’ The children worked hard and were extremely proud of their performance. As you can see from the photos…


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!