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Term 3

The start of term 3 can be a hard one! The children have had such an amazing time over the Christmas holidays receiving presents and spending time with family and friends. It's no wonder that a few were at first a little reluctant to return, fortunately this only lasted a couple of days and soon we were back into the swing of the school term! Of course the children took great delight in telling us all about their Christmas and what their favourite present was (we even looked up a few on Google to check out what they were). It never ceases to amaze me what the toy manufacturers will think of next!


The start of the term was quite a cold one, this was great for exploring our outdoor classroom. Finding ice, watching it melt in the sun and we also froze some small (plastic I hasten to add) animals in water to see how long it would take. Writing our names in ice, making patterns on the field with our wellies on the frozen ground were just some of the activities we participated in. As you can see from the photos the children had lots of fun exploring!

Our topic this term was 'Weather' we took great delight in taking turns to be weather reporters. Reporting daily on the weather; temperatures, rainfall and of course what we should wear outside during the day. Whether we needed to wear hat, scarf and gloves or we were OK just to wear our coats. The children had a pretend microphone and television studio that they were able to report from. I think we may have some future weather reporters in our midst. We of course talked about the 'Water Cycle' with the help of Incy, Wincy, Spider! Which inspired some great sentence writing about the 'Water Cycle' albeit at an age appropriate level!

We started our new Personal, Social and Emotional Development scheme this term - JIGSAW. The children have really enjoyed meeting their JIGSAW character, Jenie and meeting Kerrie the cat, who helps us 'paws for thought'. This term the focus was on 'Dreams and Goals'. How to achieve your goals and understanding the emotions that go with this.


Although this was a short term, we certainly managed to pack lots of fun learning in. Our last picture is our weather display board that we created as a class. We do hope you like it!