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Term 3

Our topic this term is Superheroes, through this topic we explored the impact and consequences of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. We thought about people historically that have played a role in shaping the world to date and discussed whether or not we thought that they had superhero qualities. We have also created our own superhero characters which was lots of fun. We thought about what super powers they may have, where they would live and what things they might do. We brought all this learning together by 'having a go' at writing our own superhero story.


We decided that we were all superheroes in class, and although you don't need to wear a cape or mask to make a difference. If we did we may look like this...



The Life Bus came to visit this term and we all met Harold the Giraffe, he taught us how we need to look after ourselves by eating properly, exercising and making sure we get plenty of sleep! He also taught us how to be kind and how to look after our friends if they were feeling sad or lonely. Mrs Kent told Harold that all the children in Parrot class were very kind and Harold thought he would like to come to our school.
We also had a class assembly this term, the value that we chose to do was 'Friendships'. We talked in class about what we thought a good friend should be, we had lots of ideas and we shared some of them in assembly. At one stage we did think we might be able to make the word 'Friends' using our legs and arms to make the shape of the letters. This proved a bit too tricky and we kept getting tangled up, but it was funny trying. Fortunately we had lots of other ideas and our assembly was a success, enjoyed by parents, the rest of the school and most importantly us!
Here are just a few of the other things we also did this term.