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Term 1

Here are some photographs of the different areas of Parrot Class. I have tried to take photographs of every area. However, we only have so much space. So some areas have to double up. If you see an area of EYFS curriculum that is not represented in a photograph here, it does not mean that we don't cover it.

Welcome to Parrot Class

This term our topic has been 'Marvellous Me'. This topic is to encourage speaking and listening skills within a group and raise awareness of our personal, social and emotional needs. We have thought about other families and how they may differ from our own. We have talked about the things we do together as a family, celebrate birthdays, go on holidays, visit relatives these are just a few of the things we have shared and discussed as a class. We have talked about where we live, what type of house we live in, who we live with and if we have any pets. We found out that some of the children in class don't have any pets so they thought about what sort of pet they would like - dinosaurs and unicorns were very popular choices!

We also got to explore our classroom and outdoor area. Here are just a few of the exciting things we have done...
Our maths activities this term were focused on matching, sorting, comparing, ordering and we even found time to do some measuring. As you can see Maths is fun!

We celebrated Harvest Festival this term. We enjoyed our first visit to the Church and performed our song ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’. The church was packed, it was lovely to see so many people there.



As you can see we have had a busy, fun term and this is just a snapshot of some of the things we have done. We have learnt lots about ourselves and with our topic continuing into next term we will be able to learn lots more!