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Term 5

This term our topic has been Land, Sea and Air my initial thoughts that we would explore animals and birds that occupied these areas and talk about habitats. However, the children had other ideas and were fascinated by extinction of animals, so the children's ideas and interests have steered the topic more towards extinction, endangered and the conservation of animals. So far this term we have discussed dinosaurs and how they became extinct. We have also talked about some birds that are extinct and some that are endangered. The children came up with some really lovely ideas on how we could try and help endangered birds. These discussions have also led to a growing awareness of our local environment and how it is changing. Obviously all these discussions have been at a child appropriate level. Although the children never cease to amaze me with their knowledge and wonderful ideas.

We have been trying really hard with our number work this term, doing simple addition and subtraction sums set in a story context, eg. First there was 6 sweets then 2 got eaten now there are 4 sweets. We have also been making dinosaur shape pictures, as part of our shape work and topic work. The children thought this activity was lots of fun! We have also been looking at capacity, exploring how much a container will hold and of course working on our number bonds to 5. This is just a snapshot of some of the maths activities we have done this term.

During the reception year we look at different religions from around the world. This term we have been learning about Sikhism and how Sikhs live their lives by following three duties: pray, work and give.

We have been continuing with our maypole dancing this term and even managed to complete a complicated 'Spider's Web' dance. 

We have been using glockenspiels in music lessons, playing a few notes in a piece of music and composing our own very 'tuneful' compositions!

Of course the last week of term was dedicated to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. We had a fantastic week painting Union Jack bunting, making cards, decorating crowns, planting flowers, maypole dancing, and also making our very own sandwiches and crown biscuits to eat at the whole school Jubilee tea party on the Friday afternoon. Here are some of the photos we took over the week. We hope you enjoy looking at them!