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Reading - please read with your child every day, either tick or initial next to the book in their reading diaries once the books have been read. I would encourage you to read the book more than once. If you would like to leave a comment about your child's reading please feel free to do so in the reading diary. Reading books are changed every Monday and Thursday.


At the end of each week I will send home a piece of homework this will initially be with a Phonics focus. You will find the homework in your child's home/school communication book in their book bag. As the school terms progress it will be alternated with alternative areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Phonics - At the beginning of each week I will let you know the letter sounds that we will be focussing on that week. Please can you practise these letter sounds with your child each week and think about words that begin with that letter sound. For correct pronunciation of letter sounds please visit: or alternatively google 'English Letter Pronunciation Phonics Little Learners' should bring you to the same video.


We have now subscribed to Phonics Shed there is a variety of games to play and ebooks to read online. We have sent homes details of usernames and passwords. If you have any problems accessing or using this site, please do let me know. This is a very useful resource for you to use at home to help consolidate your children’s learning.


Spellings - your child will be given an initial key word card after Christmas, the spellings will be the tricky words (words that cannot be phonetically sounded out) that they have been learning in their phonics lessons to start with. We ask that you help your child learn to read and spell these words. Your child will be tested on these words on Thursdays. Once they can read and spell all the words on the card, they will be given the next sets taken from the first 100 high frequency words.