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Wednesday 22nd March 2017 - Ashmolean Museum Trip 

What a busy week we are having!

We travelled to Oxford on Wednesday for our class trip to the Ashmolean Museum.  

Kate led our Anglo-Saxon workshop which was amazing.  We learned so much more about our favourite historical period while handling artefacts, searching the museum on a treasure hunt and writing our names in runes.  After lunch, we looked around the museum and found even more Anglo-Saxon coins, needles, brooches and weapons.  The museum visit really helped us to understand more about Anglo-Saxon life and where this important historical era fits into British history.  


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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
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Year 4 STEM day at FCC - 21st March 2017

We had an awesome day at Faringdon Community College on Tuesday.  The children designed and made balloon powered buggies which they raced.  They learned how to design, make and build a buggy as well as how to create a graph to show the speed of their vehicle.  Mr Turner was impressed by everybody's level of knowledge, enthusiasm and behaviour.  Well done Year Four!

Take a look at our Anglo-Saxon houses. We made them as part of our history topic for a homework task. Mrs Trollen was amazed by our efforts! 

Anglo-Saxon brooches

Anglo-Saxon brooches 1
Anglo-Saxon brooches 2
Anglo-Saxon brooches 3
Anglo-Saxon brooches 4
Anglo-Saxon brooches 5
Anglo-Saxon brooches 6
Anglo-Saxon brooches 7
Anglo-Saxon brooches 8
Anglo-Saxon brooches 9