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Term 2

This term our topic is all about 'The Weather' we are learning about different types of weather: how rainbows are made, the water cycle, different types of cloud, different parts of the world experiencing different weather conditions and lots more! We have a weather station set up in our role play area and each day we have two weather reporters who keep an eye on the weather and inform of us of any changes. 




We made Pudsey Bear biscuits for Children in Need they looked great and tasted delicious.
Of course this term ends with Christmas, so alongside all our other activities we have started rehearsing for our Nativity performance and even though I say so myself it is going to be BRILLIANT!  We will also be making in class many wonderful Christmas creations for the children to take home so we can spread the Christmas cheer (or should I say glitter?) to everyone!
Our Christmas nativity was called Shine, Star, Shine, it was all about a star that had forgotten how to shine. Fortunately once he saw the baby Jesus he remembered how to shine. It was a fabulous production and was enjoyed by all.
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