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Term 4 2020/21

The sun came out so we had a lovely time outside being with our friends.
We built bridges using sticks and sweets. We know triangles are strong shapes so we used them in our truss bridges.
We had a lovely time outside doing a nature scavenger hunt.
Here we are erupting lemons! Bicarbonate of Soda mixed with lemon juice causes this chemical reaction!
Blowing up balloons with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda was great fun!
We tested which chocolate would melt quicker! On the radiator the white chocolate melted first but in our hands the brown melted first. For some people the chocolate didn't melt so we thought they must have cold hands.

We're having a science week in school. We love science!

First we made egg protectors. We made our test valid by dropping it from the same height each time. Most groups were successful. The 3 groups whose eggs broke realised they didn't have enough padding around the egg. A lesson learned and we had fun!

It was Red Nose Day so we paid to wear red to school and we had a cricket session! What a great day that was! We were good at cricket too.
Here we are trying our version of Irish Dancing to Riverdance! We enjoyed ourselves! 

At last we could come back to school again!

Our first job we had to do was make a Mothering Sunday gift,