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Term 1 2020/21

In art we have been drawing people. This is an easy way to draw people and we love it!!
In Science we played a fun game where we had to ask questions to find out what animal we were thinking of! Is it a fish?, is it a carnivore?, can it fly? etc.
In maths we measured in cms. 
In our art lesson we enjoyed using charcoal to draw leaves. Charcoal is lovely to work with we decided.
On Friday afternoons we can play! We enjoy this.
In our Art lesson we enjoyed drawing leaves. First we looked closely at the shape then drew it. Next we added the detail always looking closely at the leaf.
It is great being back at school! In Monkey Class we have settled into new routines. Here we are playing games, eating our snack, doing our maths, drawing in art and having a great time back with our friends! The smiles show it all!