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Term 1 2019-20

After learning about oceans in geography and habitats in science we found out how important our oceans are. If our oceans are destroyed then the wildlife lose their habitats and it will also affect us so we designed posters.
In our science this week we created two micro-habitats. We made sure each habitat had what it needs then we found a woodlouse and some snails so put them in. We wonder if they will stay and others might move in.
We drew trees. It isn't as easy as it sounds. We looked at trees and how the branches branch off from the trunk.
In maths we have been measuring in cms. Make sure you start at 0!
We have learnt an easy way to draw people. We love drawing these!
In our science lesson we discussed living, not living anymore and never been alive. We had brilliant discussions and went outside to see what we could find. The Year 2s recorded our findings. 
We used charcoal to draw faces. It was good fun.
We love reading and 'getting lost' in books.
We had fun learning how to draw faces. We think we have done well!