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Photo Gallery 2019 - 2020

Design and Technology Assessment

The design stage - labelling diagrams, exploded diagrams, 3D computer model and prototypes.

Making the houses

The Celebratory Edible(?) Houses

The Circulatory System - looking at the heart

Toucan Class have been learning all about the circulatory system.  We were all very excited to see how the heart is structured and to identify all of the parts we have been learning about.  By the end of the lesson, we were all in awe of the heart and the job it does in our body.

IMPS 6th November 2019

Year 6 visited John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford where they spend the morning learning first aid techniques including how to use the recovery position and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). 

On Wednesday 23rd October, Toucan Class visited the Rivers and Rowing Museum in Henley on Thames.

This term, our Geography topic has been 'Rivers', so what could be more perfect for a grand finale than a visit to the River Thames at Henley!  We all had a fabulous day: we went for a very interesting walk along the tow path which runs beside the river; we visited the museum and explored the exhibits and finally, we did a workshop which helped us to think about our learning.

Science Enquiry

This term we are learning about how living things are classified.  We were surprised how challenging we found sorting a collection of sweets! 

Wallpaper Designs

We have been learning about William Morris and his botanical-inspired designs.  Our wallpaper designs also used inspiration from nature.  We traced our designs onto Styrofoam to produce a plate. The plates were then used to create our 'Whimsical Wallpapers' which are displayed in the school hall.

The Daily Mile

The daily mile makes us fitter:  We decided to carry out an experiment to test the hypothesis.  We all did the 'Beep Test' : we had to keep running between two markers and get to each marker before the next beep.  We loved it!  We will repeat the test next term and see if we get a higher level (after running our daily mile as often as we can).  


Still image for this video
It is so exciting when your design works!
Our first STEM challenge of the year - design a seed which can be dispersed in a classroom.  We had 15 minutes to complete our designs.  We thought about how seeds are adapted for their dispersal and applied the same ideas to our designs.  It was a really fun way to start the day!

Autumn Term