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Photo Gallery 2018 - 2019


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Mrs. Youd taught the Year 5s how to sing the Pakistan national anthem.


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Toucan Class write playscrips to persuade people to think about the impact on the rainforest due to palm oil use.

Partnership with school in Pakistan

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This year, Toucan Class have been working closely with a primary school in Pakistan. Each school has been thinking about the environment and how we should care for it. You can see photographs of the wonderful work achieved by our Pakistan friends in the Resource Area in school. Here are some of the things we have been sharing with them.
In our Geography lessons we are looking at natural resources.  Today we were investigating renewable energy and, because it was a windy day, we made 'paper windmills'. It was the perfect day to see our 'windmills' turn!
The National Space Centre led a virtual classroom experience where Toucan Class took part in a 'Space Misssion'.  Each group had to work together to create a space ship and then decide which resources would be the most important for a successful mission.  It was great fun!

Space Mission

In Toucan Class, our geography topic for the spring term is Natural Resources.  Tony, with his team of engineers from Hansen Concrete, visited Longcot.  We all enjoyed learning about the components of concrete and how it is made; we especially liked seeing the concrete mixing truck and finding out all about the different parts and attachments.  The highlight of the afternoon was when we all got to make concrete and create fridge magnets using moulds.

Learning about Concrete

During the spring term, Toucan Class are learning all about 'The Earth and Space'.  Everyone  was challenged to create an exhibit to display in our Space Museum.  It was very exciting seeing all the different creations as they arrived in Class.  Parents, families and friends were invited to visit our 'pop-up' museum to see the products of Toucan Class' imagination and  research.  Well done Toucan Class!

Some of the exhibits are shown below.

Welcome to Toucan Class' Space Museum

In the Autumn Term, Toucan Class and Jaguar Class learnt about the Tudors. Everyone was interested to find out about the differences between 'poor' Tudors and 'rich' Tudors in addition to learning all about King Henry VIII and his court.  All of the learning was brought alive as Class 4 and Class 5 stepped back in time during their very exciting visit to Hampton Court Palace.


At the end of the unit of work, the Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 children were challenged to showcase their learning in a podcast.  They worked in groups to design a podcast that would be both entertaining and informative.  When the podcasts were complete,  we all enjoyed two afternoons laughing and learning as we heard a version of 'Bake Off' in King Henry's kitchen and another where King Henry VIII used a dating app to find a wife!  It was unanimously agreed that all of the podcasts were fabulous.  Well done Jaguar Class and Toucan Class!   Most of the podcasts were  a bit too long to fit on our website, but hopefully this one will give you a taste of what was created!


Tudor Podcasts

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The National Archives in London taught Toucan Class all about how important 'image' was for King Henry VIII.  The Virtual Classroom experience was fabulous - it was just like having an expert in the classroom. It was so exciting that we forgot to take many photos- but if you look carefully, you will see Anne, the historian, on our smart board!

National Archives - virtual classroom

The Y6 pupils visited the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and  took part in The Injury Minimization Program for Schools (IMPS). 


The I.M.P.S. program empowers young people to take personal responsibility for managing their own risk and equips them with the skills to cope in an emergency.



At the hospital, the Year 6 pupils were given a tour of the Accident and Emergency department and were then taught some first aid skills.  All of the pupils agreed that they could now make responsible decisions about keeping themselves and their friends safe.  Finally, the pupils were taught how to use an IED.  At Longcot, we have recently had an IED installed outside our school, so it is important to know that should anyone need to use it, the instructions are very easy to follow.  

Y6 visit to JR Hospital - IMPS

For this year's Harvest Festival, Toucan Class performed 'Ode to an Onion' by Pablo Neruda.  We filmed one of our practice sessions...

Ode to an Onion

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Mr. Scott and Rob (from FCC) visited Toucan Class to lead this term's DT sessions.  Everyone followed instructions to create Lego robots which we later learnt to program.  It was great fun!