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2 days Covid Learning Activities

Hello Monkey Class here we are again with home learning! As from Thursday 7th January on Google Classroom I will put on a daily recording of me teaching a Maths and English lesson plus some work for you to send me related to the lesson. There will also be another piece of work each day for one of the following, R.E., Geography, Science or Art.

During the days there will also be chances for us to chat live if needed and parents can keep in touch by email.

Here are some activities you might like to do for the next 2 days. You don’t need to send this work to me, unless you would like to.


Hit the Button- number bonds, addition, subtraction and times tables

Reading quietly to yourself and out loud to an audience practising your expression

Write some New Year Resolutions

Online Phonic games (e.g. Obb and Bob   Buried Treasure Pirate phonics)

Online word searches

Draw a picture

Find a picture in a book to copy

Coding -