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School Council

Longcot & Fernham CE Primary School - SCHOOL COUNCIL is made up of 2 pupils from each year group, Years 1-6. The pupils are voted in each year by their classmates and meet most weeks throughout the academic year. During these meetings the Year 6 pupils act as the Chair and Host with an agenda. Minutes are also taken as a record of achievement by Year 5 pupils.


Mr Hammond, the deputy headteacher, leads and guides the School Council working very hard along with the children to make decisions which are very important to our school.


During the meetings the School Council will discuss any topics or ideas suggested by their peers about how the school could become an even happier place. However there is a main focus for our meetings. The first decision made this year was to name our different classes. We now have the following classes: Parrots, Monkeys, Lemurs, Jaguars and Toucans!


Recent projects include a new reflection area with stone benches, stepping stones, sundial and fruit trees i for pupils to use during break times. New recycling bins have been purchased and we are now designing a reflection area for children.


We are also part of FLAWBES! This is where all the school council’s from all of the FAoS meet once per term and share and discuss ideas and launch a partnership project and challenge, this year is healthy living and fundraising.


The School Council works very, very hard and should be very proud of their achievements.