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In addition to the weekly Maths or English homework, Year 6 children will have a Challenge Homework every two weeks.  The Challenge Homework is designed (as the name suggests) to encourage you to think really hard. I anticipate that each Challenge Homework will take between 1 and 2 hours over a period of days.  This homework is meant to be tricky so don't worry if you are struggling - try your hardest and do your very best. This is not a homework to be done in one evening as it will require some serious thinking and planning!  I am really looking forward to seeing your responses to the activities. smiley

Spring 1 Y6 Challenge Homework

Autumn 2 Y6 Challenge Homework

Autumn 1 Y6 Challenge Homework

Weekly Homework

10th November - Differentiated Reading (text and questions given out in class)

3rd November Differentiated addition and subtraction - written methods (given out in class)

13th October Differentiated Passive Sentences Sheet (given out in class)

29th September - Differentiated Maths Sheet 2 (given out in class)

22nd September - Differentiated Sentence Sheet (given out in class)

15th September  - Differentiated Maths Sheet 1 (given out in class)