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Friday 9th June 2017

Our solar system - find out the order of the planets.  Write them down in order.  Find an interesting fact for each planet.

Make up a sentence using the initial letter of each planet which will help you to remember them in the correct order.  

EG: My very excellent mother just served us noodles!  


Friday 12th May 2017

Using the sheets sent home, create a costume for yourself to wear on our Ancient Greek day on Wednesday 17th May.  

Choose a name for yourself and research any interesting facts about the name.  You will be making your name tag at school.  

If you are having difficulty finding a costume, let me know on Monday and I will help you out.  


Friday 31st March 2017

Find out about Ramadan.  

Write any facts that you find out on paper.  If you need any paper, ask Mrs Trollen.  


Friday 17th March

After an amazing class assembly on Friday, here is a wordsearch about Anglo-Saxon England.  

How many of the words can you find?

There are plenty in the classroom if you have misplaced yours.  

Friday 10th March

Practice your division and check by finding the inverse.

There are three levels to choose from.  Spares are in the homework tray in class.



Friday 3rd March 2017

Your homework this week is to complete a book review.  

The template is in the classroom or at the link shown below.

Friday 3rd February 2017 - Hajj differentiated reading comprehension.  

Worksheet given out in class to be handed in to Mrs Trollen on Wednesday 8th February 2017. 

Friday 11th February

February Half Term homework - make an Anglo-Saxon house model.  

Information sheet including website links below.

Homework due in during the week beginning Monday February 20th 2017.